Banning Unified School District - Superintendent


Robert T Guillen, Superintendent

Robert T. Guillen, Superintendent

Phone: (951) 922-0205 
Fax:     (951) 922-0227


Name Position Location
Felicia Adkins  Director  Education Services
Dr. Barbara Wolford  Director  Special Education
Cathy Bagnara  Director  Fiscal Services
Christina Hoff  Supervisor  Fiscal Services
Cornell Williams  Director  Maintenance, Operations and Transportation
Mac Patel  Director  Information Technology
Karen Sanchez-Wright  Director  Nutrition Services
Sandi Khodadadi  Coordinator  Human Resources
Janet Gray  Coordinator  Title IX
Alisha Morff  Coordinator  Educational Services
Johnny Baker  Principal  Cabazon Elementary
Marcia Cole-Fijabi  Principal  Central Elementary
Twila Kelly Van Ramshorst  Principal  Hemmerling Elementary
Matt Beilstein  Principal  Hoffer Elementary
Colette Burgess  Preschool Administrator  Florida Discovery Center
David Sanchez  Principal  Coombs Alternative Education Campus (AED, BISS, NHHS)
Melissa Lee  Interim Dean  Coombs Alternative Education Campus (AED, BISS, NHHS)
Kelly Daly  Principal  Nicolet Middle School
Hope Larios  Vice Principal  Nicolet Middle School
Shane Hilde  Dean  Nicolet Middle School
Matt Valdivia  Principal  Banning High School
Lanell Hardy  Assistant Principal  Banning High School
Dr. Michael O'Neill  Dean  Banning High School