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Prop 39 Clean Energy Jobs Act

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Proposition 39 was passed by voter initiative in November 2012 and established a $550 million "Clean Energy Job Creation Fund" for the span of 5 years. For fiscal year 2013/14, California's Legislature appropriated revenue through SB 73. The allocation for Banning USD is $219,507, $130,000 of which can be used for planning. Before the District could come up with a viable plan, an audit of our facilities had to happen.

Free State Audit (CCC) -

The California Conservation Corps, Energy division received an allocation from the Fund to perform energy surveys, etc., for public schools. On May 16, 2014 our District application for their free services was accepted, and CCC began the audits September 2015.
OpTerra Energy Services -
April 29, 2016, the District contracted with OpTerra to assess the State Audit Reports and develop a program wherein recommendations for best use of Prop 39 will be presented and carried out, pending District approval of the program. They completed initial site walks, Utility Data Analysis (UDA), outlined possible solar layouts, and conducted a comprehensive lighting audit. Energy audits were completed September 2016.
On January 26, 2017, a Public Hearing was conducted at the Banning City council Chambers during a regular meeting of the Banning USD Board of Education. There were no comments, and Resolution 16-17-11 was approved, adopting an Energy Services contract for Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Energy Conservation Measures at selected District sites.               
Banning USD 5-Year Allocations:
  • Year 1 - $219,507
  • Year 2 - $193,315
  • Year 3 - $185,347
  • Year 4 - $280,843
  • Year 5 - $219,753 (estimated)
For more information on the Prop 39 Program Overview, click here.