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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on May 11, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as practicable at its regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education of Banning Unified School District, which will be held at Banning City Council Chambers, 99 East Ramsey Street, the Board will ratify April 18, 2017 approval of Resolution No. 16-17-12 regarding anticipated energy cost savings and other benefits from entering into a contract with OpTerra Energy Services, Inc. (“OpTerra”), pursuant to Government Code section 4217.10 et seq.  

Pursuant to the contract, OpTerra will provide services to District including, but not limited to, the engineering, procurement, installation, and construction of solar-photovoltaic electricity generation and storage equipment at various school sites throughout the District.   

The hearing will be open to the public, and all interested persons in attendance will have the opportunity to be heard.  Written comments may be submitted to the District either during or prior to the public hearing.  Written comments submitted prior to the public hearing should be sent in time to arrive at the District no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on May 11, 2017, and should be emailed to Kookie Williams, at

                       Banning Unified School District

                        ATTN: Kookie Williams, Executive Secretary

                        Facilities Department

                        161 West Williams Street

                        Banning, CA  92220


Robert Guillen


The Banning Unified School District Facilities Department coordinates construction at all school facilities. This includes new construction and improvements to existing facilities as well as upgrades and modernization of older facilities. As the district steadily moves into the 21st century new demands and population growth are driving the need for additional school campuses across the pass area.

Contact Info:
Kookie Williams
Phone - (951)922-4049
Fax - (951)922-2765
Email -

“… I endeavor to create an atmosphere in which my students can learn… “ ~~Albert Einstein~~

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The Banning USD Board of Trustees placed Measure M on the November 8, 2016 Presidential General Election ballot. The Measure was approved, making $25.5 million available, through the sale of general obligation bonds, to fund the construction of Career Technical Education (CTE) classrooms and learning spaces, a Performing Arts (PA) building, and security improvements at Banning High School.

Bond monies from Measure R were fully expended at the completion of the tennis courts and concession stand at Banning High School in 2014. Measure M will allow the District to continue improvements of our facilities, to give our students increasingly better opportunities. Our thanks to the local community for voicing your support of these plans to give our students a greater experience and the career pathways they deserve.
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As of August 29, 2016, the fee adjustment according to the Statutory School Fees Report dated June 15, 2016 is in effect.

Residential development:            $3.48 per sqft

Room additions 500 sq ft +:        $3.48 per sqft

Commercial:                               $0.56 per sqft.

Commercial Hotel/Motel:             $0.56 per sqft.


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Proposition 39 was passed by voter initiative in November 2012 and established a $550 million "Clean Energy Job Creation Fund" for the span of 5 years. For fiscal year 2013/14, California's Legislature appropriated revenue through SB 73. The allocation for Banning USD is $219,507, $130,000 of which can be used for planning. Before the District could come up with a viable plan, an audit of our facilities had to happen.

Free State Audit (CCC) -

The California Conservation Corps, Energy division received an allocation from the Fund to perform energy surveys, etc., for public schools. On May 16, 2014 our District application for their free services was accepted, and CCC began the audits September 2015
OpTerra Energy Services -
April 29, 2016, the District contracted with OpTerra to assess the State Audit Reports and develop a program wherein recommendations for best use of Prop 39 will be presented and carried out, pending District approval of the program. They completed initial site walks, Utility Data Analysis (UDA), outlined possible solar layouts, and conducted a comprehensive lighting audit. Energy audits were completed September 2016.                  
Banning USD 5-Year Allocations:
  • Year 1 - $219,507
  • Year 2 - $193,315
  • Year 3 - $185,347
  • Year 4 - $280,843
  • Year 5 - $219,753 (estimated)
For more information on the Prop 39 Program Overview, click here.

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            Application For Certificate Of Compliance
         Boundary map
            Banning Unified School District boundary map