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Welcome to Imagine It! We are BACK!!!!!!!

New Additions

We have now finished all Concept/Question Board-Focus Wall Units for
Grades K-4.  DI is still a work in progress.  You'll find some additional vocabulary work, additional spelling opportunities (in the CST format), and much more.  Many thanks to every one who has contributed some of their personal work.  Thanks for sharing of your time and talents.  We appreciate your support!

Under Construction

We are working hard to provide all K-4 teachers with the templates they will need to set up their Concept Question Boards/Focus Walls.  At this site you will be able to find Unit Titles, Big Ideas, Focus Questions, Vocabulary Words, Comprehension Strategies and Skills, High Frequency Word Flashcards, as well as Standards/CST Reference Guides for each unit.  You will also find some basic information on the format and components of Imagine It!  Please keep checking back for updates, as we are a work in progress.  If you have any comments, concerns, or things you would like added to this site, let us know.  Also remember that while we are on a never-ending quest for perfection, we sometimes fall short.  But we do aim to please. 
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