Child Welfare and Attendance

Child Welfare and Attendance

Programs and Resources:

The office of Child Welfare and Attendance provides services for the District, parents and students through a number of ways. While our most important role for the District is to manage the attendance systems for the schools, we are responsible for many areas where we interact with parents and students. Some of these areas include:

·         Registration




·         Attendance

·         Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)

·         Truancy

·         Health and Welfare

·         Inter & Intradistrict Transfers

Homeless Liaison:

Banning Unified School District receives McKinney-Vento funds and offers services to students and families who qualify under the act including, but not limited to transportation to school, registration assistance, providing materials for school, helping parents obtain a diploma or receive post high school education, referrals to food and clothing sources and emergency assistance with utilities.  For more details please contact, 951-922-0200.

Foster Youth Liaison:

Banning Unified School District is committed to all of its students especially those whose circumstances may require extra attention and support in order for the student to feel connected to school and find school success.  For details regarding Foster Youth Services please contact Philip Takacs, Coordinator of Student Support Services, 951-922-4020  

Interdistrict Attendance Permits:

Students who live within the boundaries of BUSD are welcomed and expected to attend BUSD schools.  However, there are circumstances, from time to time, where a student who lives in BUSD's boundaries wishes to attend a school in another district, or where a student who lives outside the district may wish to attend a school in Banning Unified.  This would be accomplished by completing an Interdistrict Attendance Permit and having it approved by the Coordinator of Student Support Services.  Approval would be based on meeting one of the valid reasons for requesting the permit and upholding the terms and conditions regarding attendance, citizenship and scholarship of the permit.  Permits are granted for one year only and must be renewed annually if a child is to continue attending outside of their district of residence.


Interdistrict Attendance Permits may be obtained at Centralized Registration and parents/guardians seeking a permit are encouraged to make an appointment with Philip Takacs, Coordinator, Student Support Services, 951-922-4020, to receive a form and review the terms and conditions.

Information and Forms

Centralized Registration

Hours: 8:00AM - 4:30PM

161 W. Williams St.

Banning, CA 92220

(951) 922-2702

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