Banning Unified School District - Anne Price, Trustee

Anne Price, Trustee

As a child, Anne Price possessed a deep love for the classroom.

Everyone knew it—even her dolls.

“I would sit them down and read just like we were in a class,” says Trustee Price, who represents Area #1 of the Banning Unified School District.

In high school, Price graduated with honors and was destined to go to college. Price went on to teach biology and chemistry and win a National Science Foundation grant. As a Target executive later in life, Price continued her love of learning and the classroom by teaching orientation classes for new employees.

“Education is the key,” Price says. “I’ve always encouraged students to fulfill their dreams and achieve their greatest potential.”

Lifelong learning

As trustee, Price wants to impact the lives of students just like a college counselor did years ago by urging her to become a teacher. Price graduated from Winthrop University in South Carolina with a 3.48 grade point average while earning her teaching credential.

In her role as trustee, Price applies her lifelong love of learning in a new way. She helps students by studying every facet of the District. Price immerses herself in school board agendas, attends educational conferences, confers with administrators on the budget and academic programs, and visits schools regularly.

As a former teacher, business executive, and now trustee, Price understands the importance of education.

“I want every student in the District to have a quality education and the opportunity that learning provides,” she says. “This can be life-changing for students, their families, and the community.”

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