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School Board

The importance of education

Your local school board is dedicated to enlightening young minds by offering every student a world-class education. It begins the moment your child enters the classroom and continues until the final bell rings and every paper is graded.
Here’s a glimpse of the governing board for the Banning Unified School District:
  • Most hold bachelor’s degrees and some have master’s degrees.
  • Many delayed their college degrees because of work and family responsibilities.
  • The trustees all hope their own life stories will inspire students in the pursuit of knowledge and finding their own destiny.
They’ve earned degrees in political science, business administration, public administration, teaching, and psychology. The trustees come from the ranks of human resource officers, teachers, teaching assistants, veterinary assistants, and utility managers.
In the end, your school board members come from all walks of life and put students first in every decision they make for the future of our community!