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Uniform Complaint Process / Title IX Coordination

The Title IX Coordinator
The Title IX Coordinator is a trained Compliance Officer and Investigator; whose job responsibilities do not present a conflict of interest to the person(s) being served. This person is designated by the District, or College.  The Title IX Coordinators primary responsibility is coordinating efforts for investigation, resolution, implementation of corrective measures, and monitoring the educational environment and workplace to stop, remediate, and prevent discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, stalking, including but not limited to discrimination on the basis of sex and disability.
The Title IX Coordinator is empowered to hear allegations of, and to recommend sanctions for, discrimination and any other standards of conduct directly related to the alleged discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, stalking or retaliation.  Such related misconduct may include, without limitation, unprofessional conduct, violations of interim directive(s), filing a false claim, and/or any other misconduct that occurred in the course of the alleged discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, stalking or retaliation even if the allegations are not substantiated. 
The Title IX Coordinator oversees all Title IX violation complaints, and investigations, as well as address any patterns or systemic problems that arise from review of such complaints.  The Title IX Coordinator has the authority to:
  •  Accept all complaints and referrals
  • Keep accurate records of all complaints and referrals for the required time period
  • Conduct investigations to the level required under Title IX and other federal anti- discrimination, harassment, retaliation regulations
  • Make findings of fact
  • Identify specific corrective measures to stop, remediate, and prevent discrimination and harassment including sexual harassment
  • Make recommendations for corrective measures including training, counseling and/or discipline, when appropriate
  • Refer any recommendation for employee discipline to supervisors
  • Oversee implementation of corrective measures, which may include follow-up to ensure that appropriate action was taken to complete the recommended actions
  • In some circumstances, investigation and disposition of complaints may be referred to other District Administration in the following departments: Human Resources, Educational Services, Technology, and Student Services, Fiscal Services, Nutritional Services, and MOT however, ultimate oversight remains with the Coordinator to coordinate and ensure the compliance with Title IX and other antidiscrimination/harassment/retaliation laws.
  • To assure District-wide compliance with this policy and with federal and state law, the Coordinator must be advised of all reported incidents of discrimination and harassment and their resolution.
  • The Coordinator will monitor and coordinate the resolution of complaints by other offices with concurrent jurisdiction over Title IX discrimination, harassment, retaliation and/or any other unlawful harassment, discrimination or retaliation.
  • In the Title IX Coordinator’s absence, the Directors or Coordinators of the aforementioned departments are vested with the same authority as the Coordinator. 

 If you:

  •  SEE something,
  •  HEAR something,
  • KNOW something,
  • ARE EXPERIENCING something,


If you have experienced, witnessed, or believe that Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation, or Stalking has occurred, you may file a complaint.  Each complaint will be taken serious, kept confidential, and investigated fairly and immediately according to BUSD's policies and procedures.
Contact your Title IX Coordinator
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Dr. Janet Gray
Title IX Coordinator
Dr. Janet Gray, Compliance Officer
Banning Unified School District Office
161 W. Williams Street, Banning, CA. 92220
951-922-0200 ext. 104005
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Title IX Coordinator
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Keenan SafeSchools Alert Logo

Safety is one of our district’s top priorities and to help safeguard our school community, our district is now using Keenan SafeSchools Alert, a tip reporting system that allows students, staff, and parents to submit safety concerns to our administration four different ways.

Phone:  909-962-7426
Text: your tip to 909-962-7426
Email:  SafeSchool Administrator (Click here)
Website: Keenan SafeSchool Alert(Click here)

You and your child can easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism, intimidation or any other safety issues you're concerned about through Keenan SafeSchools Alert.

Every tip Keenan SafeSchools Alert receives about our district is immediately logged in the system and our administration is notified so that they can investigate and take appropriate action. To protect your identity, you may choose to submit your tip anonymously.

Together, using Keenan SafeSchools Alert, we can make our district a safer place for students to learn! Thanks in advance for your support.