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Integrating Technology into Elementary Science

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Students love creating with technology! Engage elementary students in science as they explore scientific concepts and phenomena by completing powerful performance tasks to demonstrate understanding.

Elementary Science Resource Kit

Download the kit to get started with high-energy, high-level science project work! The kit includes:

·      articles on using creative multimedia to engage learners in science,

·      lesson plans on science topics like animals, planets, and inventions,

·      exciting student samples!

Download now

Here are a few ideas from the kit to whet your appetite:

·      Create a Creature sample and lesson plan

·      Animal Interviews sample and lesson plan

We can't wait to see what your students create!

Curriculum Guides

Our free curriculum integration guides include articles, samples, and lesson plans to help you use creative technology tools to support learning.

·      Digital Storytelling Kit

·      Get Started with STEM

See all of our guides