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Laura Troutman, Trustee

Laura Troutman, Board Member
Laura Troutman
Trustee Area #3
Term: 2019-2024
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A family first in a legacy of educators
Teaching runs deep in Laura Troutman’s family—as far back as her grandparents. But Troutman is the first in a long line of educators to serve as an elected school board member.
In November 2019, she won a seat in Trustee Area 3 of the Banning Unified School District and her terms ends in 2024.
“In our family, we emphasize the value of an education, and we want every child to succeed,” Troutman said.
Her maternal grandfather worked as a school principal; her maternal grandmother taught Head-Start. Her husband is a teacher at work on a master’s degree in government; his parents volunteered for years in Banning Schools, helping with everything from yard duty to counseling suspended students.
Bedtime stories spark a love of learning
Troutman remembers growing up in Perris with her grandfather reading bedtime stories to her. Troutman later read to her own children just like her grandfather did to her. Those bedtime stories fostered an abiding love of learning in her family. Now she hopes her story of graduating high school as a single mom to her election as a school board member will inspire new generations of students.
“Don’t ever quit; don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t,” Troutman said. “Go for it!”
As a trustee, Troutman is furthering her education by taking prerequisite courses at Mt. San Jacinto College in Menifee to become a registered nurse. Throughout her life, there has always been a desire to help people.
“You can do so much more with an education,” she said. “It’s never too late to pursue a degree.”
Reaching out to the community
At the moment, Troutman juggles her responsibilities as a mother, student, and trustee, which means she makes sure to set aside time to visit District schools and meet everyone. “As a trustee, I want to listen and learn,” she said. “We want people to know that they will be heard, they do have a voice!”