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Leslie Sattler, Trustee

Member Sattler
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Leslie Sattler, Board Clerk
Leslie Sattler
Trustee Area #1
Term: 2019-2022
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From teacher to board member
The arc of Leslie Sattler’s career in education was long and winding. But in the end, she became a teacher and a trustee.
She taught preschool; worked as an instructional aide in a one-room schoolhouse; earned a college degree and teaching credential; and taught classes as a student teacher, substitute teacher, and credentialed teacher.
“As a trustee, I see our dedicated teachers working so hard every day to fulfill the promise of our students,” Sattler said.
A record of service
Before she joined the District, former governor Gray Davis honored Sattler with a $20,000 Governor’s Teaching Fellowship in 2000 to help her earn a teaching credential from the University of Redlands.
Sattler’s teaching career with Banning Unified then spanned 15 years before her retirement in 2018. She started as a language arts, science, and history teacher at Nicolet Middle School, where she also taught AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), a nationally recognized college and career-readiness program.  
After teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at Nicolet Middle School, Sattler finished her career as a first-grade teacher at Cabazon Elementary School. She is a member of the California Retired Teachers Association.
In November, 2019, she won a seat in Trustee Area 1 and her term expires in 2022.
The pulse of education
Like many of her colleagues on the school board, Sattler comes from a family of educators, including her mother, brother, and sister as well as her father-in-law and sister-in-law.
“In our family, there is a natural desire to see people learn something new and to help them accomplish their goals in life,” Sattler said.
Now in her role as Clerk of the Board, Sattler faithfully visits the classrooms and schools that help shape children’s lives. Teachers have a profound effect on the lives of their students and can inspire youngsters to achieve their dreams, she says.
“As elected officials, we need to be visible and accountable,” Sattler said. “We must have a finger on the pulse of this District before we make important decisions.”