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Mayra Anguiano, Clerk

Clerk Anguiano
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Mayra Anguiano, Board Member
Mayra Anguiano
Trustee Area #2
Term: 2019-2024
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The value of a local education
As a trustee, Mayra Anguiano continues to study like she did as a top Banning High School student.
She seeks training on school finance and school board governance and plans to visit classrooms to see firsthand what students are learning. It’s an echo of the days when Anguiano attended Banning Unified School District as a student and ranked third in her high school graduating class.
 “The only way I can have a positive impact is to educate myself,” she said.
In November 2019, Anguiano won a seat in Trustee Area 2 and her term expires in 2024.
Life lessons
Early in life, Anguiano’s parents implanted the value of education to their children. That’s because in Mexico they didn’t have the opportunity to obtain an education as readily as students do in the United States. The trustee’s father worked from dawn to dusk tending golf courses in the desert and supplemented his income with side jobs while her mother stayed home to raise three children. Her parents’ goal upon immigrating was to ensure that their children had a better opportunity to succeed in life.
“My parents always taught me to be the best that I can be,” Anguiano said. “They wanted me to examine the world, discover my purpose, and help others.”
The educational pathway
After her high school graduation in 2004, Anguiano earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, San Diego, and a master’s degree in child life from Loma Linda University. Today, the trustee is an Infant Services Coordinator at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino for young children who are at risk of having developmental delays.
As the mother of two children ages 3 and 6, Anguiano is very involved in their education. As a trustee, one of her goals is to visit every District campus and become familiar with the needs of teachers and students to further promote the importance of education. Her future may include possibly returning to the medical field as a case manager — maybe even becoming an educator within a school district.
“Anything is possible,” she said. “It’s the lesson for our students.”