Hoffer Elementary School Students Race Toward Spring in Soapbox Derby


Hoffer Elementary School students participated in the annual spring Soapbox Derby by assembling cars, engaging in soapbox-themed lesson plans and gathering alongside the campus raceway to cheer on their class car and crew on April 13.

The bracket consisted of eight classrooms, eight cars and three students from each class who were selected to drive and run the pit crew. In preparation for the race, teachers designed hands-on learning opportunities to build physics and engineering skills, introducing science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) instruction to students in an enjoyable way.

“STEAM is about creating pathways and providing enrichment opportunities for students to excel through middle school, high school, college and beyond,” Hoffer Elementary School Principal Matt Beilstein said. “The Soapbox Derby has been a part of Hoffer for a decade, and we are proud to be able to provide a fun and unique experience for our Banning Unified students.”

During the final race, students and staff jumped to their feet and chanted their car’s lane number as the top two vehicles battled neck-and-neck. The crowd celebrated all of the competitors and gave a special round of applause to Dr. Ramona Anderson’s fifth-grade class for clinching first place.

The Soapbox Derby will return this May for its final race of the school year, “The Race Towards Summer.”