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School Board Protocols and Policies



Banning Unified School District, in accordance with California law, maintains a publicly elected governing board. The Board is the policy-making body of the District responsible for the governing and managing  of it within the limits of State and Federal law. It also carries out the will of the citizens in the matters of public education and policy by holding public meetings once a month in accordance with local and state laws.
The District Board of Education is responsible for hiring the district superintendent, holding regularly scheduled meetings to conduct the business of the district, approving the employment and termination of district personnel, and approving the District budget  The school board also serves as a standing committee that approves property purchases, approves new building plans, awards bids that require a public bid process, hears grievances of employees, students, and citizens of the district, and  authorizes collection, disbursement and auditing of school district funds.
The Banning Unified School Board commits to define clearly the board policies, roles, and expectations regarding Board Governance. It does this by keeping open the lines of communication with the students, parents, district employees, and the community which the district serves. All the while respecting the designated channels of authority outlined in its governing policies. It openly acknowledges and promotes the constructive contributions and participation of all regardless of their point of view or position.
Banning Unified School District has contracted with Gamut Online Plus to provide the most current board policies and procedures to the public. To access Gamut Online Plus click the link below and go to "Policies" on the top right hand corner to access all current policies..  There is no username or password required.