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The Academic Division is responsible for ensuring a quality, balanced and robust teaching and learning program within an environment that has multiple tiered systems of support around the academic, behavioral and social emotional needs of students. The following goals form the foundation of the Academic Division including our Local Control and Accountability Plan and School Plans for Student Achievement:
  1. Accelerate student academic achievement through rigorous and engaging culturally responsive and standard-based instructional strategies preparing all students to be college and career ready upon graduation and to be lifelong learners
  2. Build the capacity of teachers and principals as instructional leaders by offering relevant and regular professional development opportunities centered around the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) and the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSELS) to strengthen the skill set of all staff
  3. Cultivate a safe and healthy learning environment in a climate that is culturally responsive to all students and staff, has tiered academic, behavior, and social emotional interventions and supports and provides emotional safety for students and staff
  4. Increase parent and community engagement by developing sustained and transparent relationships with community stakeholders as partners and collaborators
The Academic Team is proud to serve the students and staff of the Banning Unified School District in the targeted goal of accelerating the academic achievement of every student and positioning teachers as successful and empowered practitioners. Please feel free to reach out to us by selecting from the department links listed below.

Academics Staff:

Dr. Tonia Causey-Bush, 
Chief Academic Officer
Banning Unified School District
161 W. Williams Street
Banning, California 92220
Cell: (951) 306-6739
Diana Franco, 
Bilingual Clerk 
Banning Unified School District
161 W. Williams Street
Banning, California 92220
Work:(951) 922-0205
Cell:(951) 492-9093