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Health Services

Annalissa Madriaga, RN
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District Cell: 951-837-0300
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Michelle Faulkner  
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Immunizations as outlined below are required for children grades Kindergarten through 12 to enter school, and should be presented at Centralized Registration during enrollment:
  • Polio            4 doses (3 if 1 given on or after age 4)
  • DTP             5 doses (4 if 1 given on or after age 4)
  • MMR           2 doses (both on or after 1st birthday)
  • HepB          3 doses (series must be started prior to enrollment)
  • Varicella     1 dose for Kindergarten, or out of state entrants, 2 doses if immunized on or after 13th birthday
Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)

A physical exam is required for entering first grade.  The exam can be dated as early as March 5 of the currant school year, and no later than 90 days after the school year begins.

 Families without insurance coverage can obtain physicals for their children at no, or low cost from the Banning Family Care Center.  The center is located at 3055 W. Ramsey Street.   The contact number is (951)849-6794.
 Dental Exams

An oral health assessment is now required in kindergarten.  Assessments that have happened within the 12 months before your child enters school also meet this requirement.  The assessment must be done by a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional.

For help enrolling your child in Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal, contact your local social service agency at (951)955-6400.
Healthy Families' toll-free number can help you to find a dentist who takes Healthy Families insurance or to find out if your child can enroll in the program: 1-800-880-5305.
For additional resources that may be helpful, contact the local public health department at (951) 849-6794 located at 3055 W. Ramsey Street in Banning.
Mandated Health Screenings
The California Code of Regulations, Title 17, states that grades K or 1, 2, 5, 8, and 10 or 11 shall be tested annually for hearing and vision.  Special Education students are given a hearing and vision test when enrolled and then every third year.
In addition, screenings are done upon request from parents, teachers and other credentialed staff.
Scoliosis screening is done for 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys for curvature of the spine according to California Education Code.
Administration of Medication
Administration of any medication during the school hours by school personnel will be permitted when the following has been complied with:
  • Receipt of the medication authorization form signed by the doctor and parent/guardian.
  • Medication must be delivered to the school in the container in which it was purchased.
  • Over the counter mediation may not be given without the signed authorization.
  • The only medication student's are allowed to carry with them are emergency medicines authorized by the physician, such as an inhaler.
Management of Severe Asthma, Severe Allergies, Diabetes or Epilepsy
Parents of students with these life-threatening conditions should contact the site Health Aide/Health Clerk, Student Services, or the district Credentialed School Nurse in order to comply with necessary authorizations, and ensure that trained staff are in place to assist your child.
Helpful Links:
  • Riverside County Department of Public Health
  • Communicable Disease Control
  • Inland Empire Health Plan
    (Application assistance/medical insurance for children or call toll free 1-866-294 IEHP 

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